Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Addiction In the Making

I was at the surface and my breathing was ragged. A wave would come crashing toward me and I would hold my breath, only to realize I did not need to. Then I let go and exhaled. Quickly then slower I sank, the lights at the surface feeling farther and farther away. Without a thought I took a breath and started swimming. The raft with my air tank bobbed behind me on the surface. Farther and farther down I went until I was pulling against my harness. I could go so much longer, deeper, faster, if only my raft would let me. A deep breath out and I sunk to the coral, but a hairs bredth away. so close, too close, and the air flooded m lungs as I pointed myself skyward. All too soon I was wrested out of the water and stranded on the boat starvingly staring back into the ocean where I felt at home.

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