Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Question? With an Answer.

One of the homework assignments for this weekend is to post a picture and tell our professor what we have learned. Sure I have learned some Deutsch, and met some new people, but what have I really learned? Will I remember going out and having the best drunk Kebab this side of the Salzach, or something more of the scenery that inspires me everyday? In ten years, will that really cool house, that has been there for far longer than my home country was even thought of, still be lodged in my brain? I do not think it will be. Will the mountains that float like clouds in and out of the snow still have an impact? They will still be there, but maybe not with me. The late nights out will begin to blur, if they weren't ever clear to begin with. The people will slowly lose touch, each of us going our separate ways. It won't be anyone's fault, we will just go our own way. People who come to a foreign country for fifteen weeks are not ones to settle down and live a slow life.
As the people leave and the scenery fades, what is left? A vague recollection of  grainy images strung together to form a semblance of a memory? When I am old and have no one left but my mind, will I think back on this and say "I had a wonderful time, but I don't know why"?
Perhaps, but enough with the questions. Time for answers, or as best as I can give them!
I have learned, that even though I may be lost, I can always find my way home. Salzburg has taught me that one day I will leave the United States and will not come back. The mountains and the history of the world entrance me too much. I will always want the adventure of finding something new, be it a winery, or a new path up to a monastery, I must always take them. I have been taught, again (maybe someday it will get through), that people are not always what they seem. That maybe the connections of our past may just last a little bit farther into our future. That also, maybe the connections of now are not as strong as they seemed in the hazy light of indifference. Perhaps the world is different over here. Maybe not greener, but at least I can experience mingling with another species.
Even though I do not think this is what Nick was going for, I enjoyed this written quest on a Saturday night. Goodnight to all, I shall see you when the sun rises!

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