Thursday, January 31, 2013

A New Find

I have a couple things that I want to talk about, but for now I have wanted to share this with someone for a while. Sorry, it is not a secret or even something remotely interesting to most, but I enjoy it.
I realized the other day, while walking down the street to my dorm, that I was thinking about English grammar. If any of you know me (which I assume you do) you know how very much I hate all things grammar. Yet here I am. In another country, finally free from grammar, or English at least, and what do I proceed to do? Ponder it not once, but I have caught myself doing it on several different occasions. I am not thinking about "schoolroom" grammar per-se, but more along the lines of function and perception of words. I play with them in my mind, seeing how they fit into our language and how they translate into German. Maybe not literally, but most defiantly figuratively. I believe what I was thinking about that fateful day was how we express pleasure. In English you can say "I like...." and insert almost anything. It may be strange, but at least it would be grammatically correct. (If I am wrong, please correct me!) Aber auf Deutsch, you would have to say something like ".....gefallt mir." Or translated, ".... pleases me." But that only works for a visual affect or something of the like. If you wanted to say, for instance, you enjoy the taste of a food, you would have to use the verb "schmecken".
Ok, reevaluating for a moment. I did not mean to get into a grammar lesson there. (Who am I?) I simply wanted to point out that learning German has opened my mind in ways that I never thought it would. I knew I would learn about German grammar, but who would have thought that I would start to enjoy pondering grammar whenever I had a spare minute?
This turn of events makes me rather happy. I now feel my mind expanding in a fun way. I guess I must have had a point to this at the beginning, but now I just realize that I never want to stop learning languages. Even if I may not be very good at it, I shall always endeavor!

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