Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Electric times

Tonight's ramblings are a bit of a story. Here I was sitting, in Rachael and Chelsea's room, writing a blog (to be posted on a later date, this took precedence). When all of a sudden, Rachael turned the light off. At this point she was in the kitchen and I thought it a very strange thing for her to do. I look up and see her in the doorway looking confused and kind of scared. I realized then that she was in darkness too. We tried to turn the lights back on, but none of them were turning on! Starting to get a little freaked out by this point we went over to Dernie's (Dan and Bernie) room to see if their lights were out. Nope, only Rachael's room.
Everyone else was out when this was happening, so it was just the four of us. Rachael was having none of the whole being in the dark and Bernie wasn't helping with his continuous "You're going to die" comments. Since it was time for some much needed rest and Rachael did not want to be alone, we decided to have a sleep over! So up we went to my room and I put my pajamas on, grabbed my alarm and headed back down. As we started to settle down, everybody came home. Away we went to watch youtube videos late into the night in Nick's room. As we were all falling asleep staring at the computer we decided to disband. Away I went to Rachael's room and promptly fell asleep. It was strange waking up in a different bed, but that is what slumber parties are all about.
Unfortunately, even now, their power is still not on and they have no idea who to ask. For while you would think the Hausmeister would live in the dorm, he does not. Our Hausmeister apparently lives somewhere else and some random family lives where he is suppose to live. Who would have thought?
Crazy runnings around and good times were had by all (except for Rachael). Hopefully she will get her power back!

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