Thursday, February 21, 2013


What has happened this past weekend will forever be written upon my heart. Yes, that may have been a little cheesey. But give me some credit, I had to. I was in one of the most romantic cities on earth for Valentines Day weekend.
Venice was a once in a lifetime experience (other than the first time I went, which was good and all, but this one trumps it like Gelato trumps Ice cream). The people I went with were stellar, making the trip not only fun, but outrageously so. None of us had an agenda and were content at times to do nothing but sit around in a square and eat some Gelato. The pizza was hot and cheap, the Gelato was cold and satisfying, but most of all, the sun shone on us (figuratively and literally, if you didn't catch that). Many times have I thought that maybe I have a perfect life.
On our second and last night there we spent the rest of our Kleingeld on some alcohol. I got a bottle of wine, and we all sat out in the square and had a marvelous time before it got to cold and we had to go in. Once inside we continued to have a blast with a few rounds of Euchre. All in all it was a wondrous night.
The next morn we wanted to go home a little earlier so we could get back to Salzburg at a reasonable hour, and hopped on the first train we saw in the Hauptbahnhof. When we were a few stops out of Venice, our cabin door slammed open and from the hallway came a very loud "What the hell are you guys doing here?!"
Who else could it be but the famed Natascha Fuka! One of the maybe 20 people I know in Austria and we meet one of them on a train that we hadn't planned on being on. It made the 8 hour trip home a lot more fun.
What this trip also made me realize is that I really love Salzburg. Venice was nice and all, but the feeling of coming home to a city you love is a feeling I have never felt before. I have missed the people (some of them) from Port Clinton, but I have never missed the town itself. I may come to love Athens, but even though I have lived there longer, Salzburg is the the city that owns my heart.

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  1. Maybe it is your German blood that recognizes home! But if that is the case why did Skagway take my heart! Perhaps the highland blood! I am glad you had a good time.